Committee member yvonne kerrDIRECTOR


Yvonne Kerr has been in Early Years for 26 years and is the owner and manager of two private day nurseries in Edgbaston and Bearwood. Her settings provide full and sessional care and education, all year round, to children aged 0-5 years of age. Prior to entering the Early Years sector, Yvonne worked in the commercial and industrial sector as a private secretary.

The main reason for entering the Early Years sector was the experienced difficulties of finding suitable childcare for her daughter at the end of her maternity leave. She therefore decided to open and manage her own day nursery. Her aim is to provide childcare for parents in a safe and homely environment and equip children with the knowledge and skills that they need to start school. This aim also includes helping parents and children overcome the challenges within Early Years and School s that she personally experienced back in 1982 and which are still prevalent today.

Yvonne was appointed to the Committee and became an Association Representative for the West Sector of our city in June 2014. She was elected as Secretary to the Association in July 2014.