PVI Support Updates

cropped-PVI-1.jpgJust a few points to keep you updated on since our last news piece.

  • Successful completion of our EYNFF response thanks to our new Chair Tony Pash
  • The circulation of the new CASS procedures for children in Birmingham
  • Details of the recent 2yr sub-group meeting

And also to keep you informed about the next step required in our ongoing campaign to ensure that Birmingham receives a fair allocation of funding under the new EYNFF. We are asking you all to write to your MP in order that they can understand that the effects of under funding will directly affect the children and families of Birmingham. So to make your life easier our draft letter will set you on the right path – please feel free to amend and adjust to your individual circumstances.

We have also been advised that MBK Training are now offering a new Training Venue at Arthur Terry School in Sutton Coldfield. mbk-200x200You can view the courses that are on offer and book online on their website. Don’t forget paid up PVI MEMBERS get a discount. Check out the Member’s Area for the details.

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