early years support birmingham providers day nursery support early years providersWhen PVI Support was started back in June 2014 the main focus was to fight against Birmingham City Council’s Policy of requiring all suppliers who contracted with them in any capacity to sign up to the Birmingham Charter for Social Responsibility. At the heart of this is the mandatory requirement to pay all staff the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage (£8.25 in August 2016).

There are no tiers for different age groups like there are under the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage (NMW). At the time it would have meant an increase of 53% for someone who was on the 18-21 year old rate of the NMW of £5.13 per hour and 21% for someone on the higher tier of £6.50 per hour.
It has long been acknowledged that rates of remuneration for all workers within the childcare sector are some of the very lowest when compared to other industries or sectors. Of course we believe our staff deserve to be paid more, but childcare businesses just couldn’t afford to absorb these additional costs without additional revenue being generated.

So PVI Support campaigned hard and opened up the most meaningful dialogue with Birmingham City Council (BCC) the sector had ever had. They forced a review of funding rates – not only for the PVI Sector but for the maintained sector as well – which resulted in an indefinite postponement of the requirement for PVI providers to sign up to the Social Charter. Furthermore, they achieved 2 increases in the rates paid to the sector for the Nursery Education for 3 & 4 year olds – more than had been achieved since the Early Years Single Funding Formula was first introduced in 2010. We succeeded in achieving further funding increases in 2017, bringing the disparity between Nursery/Schools and PVI Settings to a lower level than has been seen in many years.

Since the campaign was started in 2014, the landscape for Early Years has changed dramatically on both National and Local levels and the introduction of the National Living Wage in April 2016 took the emphasis away from the Birmingham Social Charter. This is not to say things have gotten easier; rather it means that the campaign for fairer treatment of the sector is now being fought on both National and Local Levels. There are seemingly endless policy and regulatory changes that pose challenge after challenge for the sector and PVI Support are seeking to address each and every one by keeping members of the sector informed, responding to consultations and lobbying at every level on behalf of Birmingham’s PVI providers.

We support other sector bodies such as the Pre School Learning Alliance, NDNA and PACEY as the call on the Government to publish the long awaited Workforce Development Strategy. We are constantly hearing from members of the crisis in recruitment of suitably qualified and competent practitioners.



  • We are campaigning to ensure that there is appropriate representation for the PVI sector on BCC forums, better reflecting the diversity and complexity of operation of the provider types within our sector. These include over 530 settings that together provide full & part time care all year round and term-time funded only sessional care, and many more childminders
  • PVI Support will ensure that the voice of the sector is heard and that BCC responds to questions on policy and provides access to data and information relating to Early Years matters. By achieving this objective we will ensure that information and proposed policy changes can be viewed from a PVI perspective and matters that have impact upon the 58.5% of Birmingham’s children who access their funded places in PVI settings, can be acted on accordingly.



  • Children in BCC settings are offered a full range of support services. PVI Support will continue to campaign until all children are offered this full range of support services.

If there is anything else that you would like us to campaign for please email us at or click here.