News Updates + Individual Responses Must be Counted for EYNFF

eynff-dfeYour response as an individual has never been more important than with the EYNFF Consultation. According to some reports and calculators there is a grave danger that your FUNDING RATE is is on it’s way down. Now if you haven’t  even looked at this yet then its NOT TOO LATE we have until September 22nd – and be assured the more responses we can get from individuals the more they will understand that we are not sitting back apathetically, waiting to be walked over with even more restrictions on our ability to earn a living, but that we are a sector brought together by an unfairness that has been exposed and has potentially only this one opportunity to be rectified.

Their proposal however is NOT currently demonstrating that it is the solution we need, with less funding coming to Birmingham than before.   You can access the consultation online, there is guidance and spreadsheets to inform your answers. If you want to seek more information and other people views then you can read blogs and within those you can access more than one sample response. Be mindful though not to simply copy but to put everything in your own words.

Our PVI group will once again become instrumental in ensuring that the PVI sector do not lose out under this new formula – not only on the national level where we can all have our say –  but most specifically on a local level where our voice is now listened to by the Local Authority. Please support us by having your say in the national consultation.

In other news some Members attend the Ofsted Big Conversation on Saturday 17th September and found the even to be extremely informative and engaging. It certainly seems that we do indeed have Ofsted’s ear and they are eager and willing to hear about our experiences in order to improve their own performance and outcomes. We’ll bring any more reports on this to your attention should we come across them.

We have also published the minutes from the Open Forum on 13th June 2016. Members can access these in the Members Area where they are clearly identified.

In other news, and in the absence of anyone else putting themselves forward, Tony Pash has stepped up to become our new Chair, which we hope to get ratified at the next Open Meeting.

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