New Early Years Consultations

Birmingham City Council are looking for views from the sector on two particular areas. To this end, there are a couple of consultations running that the Association urges everyone in the sector to complete, and ensure that their voices are heard.

The first is regarding the Strategy for SEND and Inclusion offered by Birmingham City Council. The consultation can be found here. One of the most common complaints we hear within the Association is the difficulty entailed in offering a suitable and sustainable SEND provision, as well as the funding that comes along with it. This consultation will allow you to have your voice heard and seriously affect the way that this is looked at by BCC in the coming years, so we cannot recommend enough that people get their views in.

The second consultation covers the Early Years Health and Wellbeing Services offered currently by Birmingham City Council, and prospective changes that may be made to the systems. You can find that consultation here. The responses and outcomes of this consultation will impact the entirety of Early Years for the foreseeable future, so again, it is vital that as many voices as possible are heard.

The SEND and Inclusion consultation is only open until July 31st, giving just under two weeks to get your views heard. The Health and Wellbeing consultation runs until August 17th, giving a little longer, but we don’t recommend delaying on either of these opportunities. It is vital that the voice of the sector is heard, not just in number, but in quality of response, and your voice really can shape the way that Early Years functions for years to come.


  1. I am very concerned since discovering the families who have additional needs, disabilities , mental health issues and economic difficulties can no longer access 30 hours. I appreciate we want families to be encouraged to work whenever possible but not at the detriment to the child.
    I have a family of three (all under 5 years old) who were removed from their parents and has since been cared for by their Grandmother (SGO) All children have additional needs and one has physical needs too (recently acquired DLA)The Grandmother has been told the children cannot access 30 hours because she is not working! One of the children will start reception in September but the other 3 years old will need to reduce her hours from 30 to 15. This is a backward step.
    Each family should be looked at separately and not lumped together because they do not work.
    Also, this should be in addition to, not, instead of.
    How can a parent even access a job when they have several children whose needs are different, possibly picked up at different times in different places?
    It was agreed that once a child accesses full time education in main stream the parent/carer is expected to find a job. This seems to be a rational suggestion if there are no other younger siblings to care for but this is not only impossible for the family I discussed above it is impractical and not putting the needs of the child first.
    Sandra Al-Na’ama (Principal)

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