PVI Support Association Impact

Counting over 200 settings and providers amongst its members, the PVI Association is proud of the work it has been able to complete and the results it has succeeded in getting, on behalf of the sector.

Since starting in June 2014, the Association has worked closely with Birmingham City Council, as well as every one of our members, to ensure that all voices are heard, concerns addressed, and the needed improvements and assurances gained.

In early 2015, the Association petitioned BCC to enrol an expert to guide the process of calculating childcare provision costs within the City. It is thanks to the tireless work of our members and our board that the Council elected to bring KPMG on board, in order to better ascertain the value and cost of childcare in Birmingham. Through working closely with the Association and its members, KPMG was able to gather a meaningful amount of data, from which they were able to draw some robust conclusions. Input and data continued to be solicited heading into mid-2015, allowing the sector to really get its voice heard, and a true reflection of the cost of providing childcare in Birmingham to be gained.

In May 2015, the PVI Association Committee met with KPMG to discuss the initial findings of their review. Following this, KPMG released their revised version to Birmingham City Council. This review enabled a meeting between the Association Committee, Lindsey Trivett (BCC, Acting Director of Childcare Services and Education), Councillor Brigid Jones, and David Waller (BCC, Director of Finance). The Association continued to hold Open Forum meetings, inviting not just members of the Association, but also the representatives from Birmingham City Council, allowing the serious and true concerns of underfunding within the sector to be voiced fully and coherently.

Working closely with Emma Leaman (Assistant Director, Education and Infrastructure), Lindsey Trivett, and the members of our Support Association, we were able to gain an Emergency, Interim funding increase, whilst talks continued, to ensure the stability and viability of the more vulnerable settings within our network.

Following the tireless work of our Committee members, as well as a huge number of our Association Members, we were finally able to succeed in gaining a new, improved rate from Birmingham City Council, following recommendations coming as a result of the work with KPMG. This rate has levelled the playing field further between PVI settings and Nursery/School settings, allowing further competition to take place, and securing the future of many of our settings.

Alongside this work into funding, the Association has also guided and assisted our Members with the introduction of Pensions for their team members. Working alongside Nigel Toplis (Blue Spire IFA Ltd.), we were able to provide insight and advice to all of our members about their obligations regarding Pension Auto-Enrolment regulations.

Another item the Association has worked closely with its members on is the introduction of the ’30 Hour Provision’, a tricky and daunting introduction for the sector from the Government. By running workshops, discussions and ensuring representation at numerous Forums and meetings, the Association has been able to guide its members towards viable options for offering this increased provision, without running at a deficit or closing. We continue to work hard with any member that needs guidance or advice on this front, as it is a massive change to the playing field for the sector.

The Association aims to maintain its commitment to keeping members within the sector informed, advised and represented. Our Committee members continue to attend Forums and sector-wide meetings on behalf of the Association, as well as continuing dialogue with members of the Council and other sector-affiliated parties.