Campaigns and Consultations

Campaigns and ConsultationsThere are many things happening with the Early Years sector, including funding consultations and campaigns, that we in Birmingham should be keeping our eye on. Whilst we have been successful in achieving a funding increase for our area there is still much uncertainty in future funding rates. With a new Early Years National Funding Formula Birmingham will potentially be a ‘loser’ and that puts our newly acquired existing hourly rate under threat. So we must be mindful that as a sector we are ‘all in this together’ and look beyond our own ‘borders’ and consider what else is going on in the country.

We have seen in York that the government promises of an average £4.88 per hour has transferred into a reality of £3.95 per hour for the flagship whole county pilot for the 15 additional hours. This is nearly 60p more than their current rate but nearly a £1 short of the ‘average’ rates being banded about by government. This has seen 30 providers pulling out – not so whole county now then.

As an organisation we’re backing the Champagne Nurseries, Lemonade Funding campaign, and this link gives us detailed information about getting involved. It includes Childminders, Pre-schools and all other providers and there is a campaign logo for each sector. Sending out your Lemonade Cards to reach Government for 17th May is the first priority. Will you join the campaign to send a card? Well if you care about the future of early years as whole – you should! Enough of sitting back and watching from the sidelines, now is the time to join together with the nation, raise parents awareness and get into action.

In addition to this we are encouraging all our members to Contact their MP’s and you can find example letters, meeting discussion ideas and more either in Tricia’s blog here or we have created our own MP Letter specific to Birmingham. Raising awareness at every level is key to our voice being heard so it would be good to send an additional card to your Local Councillor to raise the campaign awareness in Birmingham.

Also – have you started to prepare your 30 hours consultation response as yet? It’s a lengthy document and you will need a cup of tea (or something stronger!) and at least an hour to get your thoughts together. We have one person’s response that we can share here with you – not for copying, but for giving you some ideas where you may have none. 6th June is the deadline for this. And there is still time to get a response in for the ‘Cutting Red Tape’ consultation, so if you find something ‘ you are doing pointless’ then let them know – 20th May on this one.

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