Training Information from MBK Training

We just wanted to remind Members of their 10% discount for all MBK Training events and to say that there are  couple of events taking place in the Arthur Terry School  in Sutton Coldfield this month. You can access your discount code when Logged in and under the Members Area drop down boxes. Not a member? Then you can join up and we can add you to our Members list. The courses are: Stepping up to Management 7th November … [Read more...]

PVI Support Updates

Just a few points to keep you updated on since our last news piece. Successful completion of our EYNFF response thanks to our new Chair Tony Pash The circulation of the new CASS procedures for children in Birmingham Details of the recent 2yr sub-group meeting And also to keep you informed about the next step required in our ongoing campaign to ensure that Birmingham receives a fair allocation of funding under the new EYNFF. We are … [Read more...]

News Updates + Individual Responses Must be Counted for EYNFF

Your response as an individual has never been more important than with the EYNFF Consultation. According to some reports and calculators there is a grave danger that your FUNDING RATE is is on it's way down. Now if you haven't  even looked at this yet then its NOT TOO LATE we have until September 22nd - and be assured the more responses we can get from individuals the more they will understand that we are not sitting back apathetically, waiting … [Read more...]

EYNFF – Your Sector Needs Your Response

To all PVI Providers in Birmingham - the EYNFF Consultation is here Its been a pleasant Summer and the new term approaches. Time for us to get straight back into the swing of things and we need your help if you have any concern for your future funding rate. In case you missed it there is an extremely important Early Years National funding Formula Consultation under way and responses must be made by September 22nd. Now as your representative … [Read more...]

Campaigns and Consultations

There are many things happening with the Early Years sector, including funding consultations and campaigns, that we in Birmingham should be keeping our eye on. Whilst we have been successful in achieving a funding increase for our area there is still much uncertainty in future funding rates. With a new Early Years National Funding Formula Birmingham will potentially be a 'loser' and that puts our newly acquired existing hourly rate under threat. … [Read more...]

Two New Consultations Released

Two new consultations require your response. We urge you to have your say and make your voice heard on both these issue: Cutting Red Tape is open till 20th May 2016 and ask you to share. Tricia's blog on this can be viewed here. 30-hour free childcare entitlement is open till 6th June 2016. … [Read more...]

National Fair Funding Formula

The government is consulting over a National Fair Funding Formula for schools. Have your say here before 17th April 2016: The minutes from the Open Forum meeting of 14 March are now available to download here. … [Read more...]