Birmingham PVI Support AssociationThe Birmingham PVI Support Association was formed early in 2014, as a ‘collective voice’ to respond proactively and intelligently challenge proposed changes being made by Local Authority (BCC) and Government to the Early Years Education Entitlement and our status as providers of those funded places.

The momentum and influence of the Birmingham PVI Support Association has been recognised by Birmingham City Council and this has encouraged more open discussion and dialogue. The supporter base continues to grow and many of you have already aligned yourselves to the Association and our campaign objectives. The PVI Association team voluntarily dedicate their time to proactively campaign for equality for the benefit of our sector.

As you will know the Birmingham PVI Support Association is a ‘not for profit’ organisation run by a passionate team of ‘volunteers’, freely giving their time, skills and energy to the on-going campaign and the associated work in meetings, telephone calls, emails, letter writing, lobbying and back-office administration. Whilst this commitment and dedication has achieved a great deal already it has become evident that the Association needs to be organised even more efficiently and effectively. To this end the Association requires funds to cover such things as ink, paper, web site & email communication costs, venue hire costs and legal representations which will ultimately benefit all our members. These are things which until now the core group of the Association have borne out of their own pockets.

Only with your financial support can the Birmingham PVI Support Association continue to work on your behalf, to keep you informed of implications of proposed changes, listening and sharing your concerns and most importantly actively campaigning for you-in order to achieve commercially fair and viable outcomes for all. A collective group such as PVI creates ‘scale and strength’ in numbers that can really make the difference!