BCC Funding Consultation 2017 Information

By now you should all have received what we feel is one of the most important consultations BCC have ever requested our input on. It comes as a response to Central Government’s allocation of funding under the new National Funding Formula, and BCC have to consult on their proposed funding rates as a result.

We know how it feels, “yet another consultation, how many times can they ask us about funding?!”. The crux of the matter is that, although by 2019/20 BCC must have all providers on the same Flat Rate, the years before this are subject to a couple of different funding options. One option is to stagger the increase over the years, to help out Nursery Classes and reduce the strain on them.

The second option comes as a result of a PVI voice being heard, with regard to fears of under-funding already, let alone once the 30 Hour Provision is introduced. This option moves the sector to the Flat Rate as soon as possible – increasing the rate in one go and not over a couple of years – helping to ease the strain the PVI sector feels with the funding on offer. This option is, in our view, far, far better for us as a group, and will help ease the concerns we’ve heard from a lot of parties with the upcoming rates.

You also need to encourage as many people as you can to respond to the consultation, and in as much depth as possible. We’ve been informed by Lindsey Trivett that it is not just a numbers game – the quality of response also matters. Get everyone in your settings involved, and make sure they put some thought into their answers. It is incredibly important we get across the actual financial impact of the proposed rates.

To give you some idea of how to see the financial impact, here is some sample modelling we’ve put together using an average charged hourly rate of £5.05:

15 hours per week at £5.05 = £75.75
38 weeks at £75.75 = £2878.50
12-14 weeks at £75.75 = £909 – 1060.50.

Now using one of the proposed rates of £4.17ph:
15 hours per week at £4.17 = £62.55
38 weeks at £62.55 = £2376.90

So immediately you see there is a £501.60 difference in the 38 week figures. Full-time settings are also going to be hit with the entirety of the 12-14 week figure too – as it’s unlikely you could fill it with a different child, and there is a good chance parents may not be able to afford to keep existing children in their place. So as you can see, we’re talking £1000+, per child, per year!

If we can get the point across that PVI settings feel under great deals of pressure, something Option 2 would at least help alleviate somewhat, we stand a better chance of our voice being heard and taken into account.

Councillor Brigid Jones will ultimately make the decision on the funding rate as a result of the responses to the consultation. The maintained sector will have every school responding, so it is vital that PVI are not apathetic toward it!

It is worth noting that when the modelling options appear on the consultation, once you reach Option 1, you can continue on to see Option 2 before selection, so make sure you give yourself that chance.

The deadline for the consultation is 3rd February, so there is no time to lose with getting your voice heard. The consultation can be found here, as well as on the PVI Support website, and can be filled out by as many people in your settings as you wish.

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